Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Dickens Challenge and Links

As I wrote this week's chapter for the Dickens Challenge I realized that I have been writing scenes and not chapters as such. I think this was deliberate on my part as I am posting them on my blog I didn't want them to be too long and bore my readers or ruin their eyes! I also tend to write short chapters but not generally as short as the ones in Explosive Dreams. I have to say that on one hand I am loving writing this because I feel so free to write what ever comes into my head and yet absolutely terrified at just putting my writing out there. (I know I post frequently so my writing is out there but my blog is more like the workings of my brain and not the polished prose I hope comes out at the other end of the writing process).

My rewrite has ground to halt with half terms, Oman and DH still being under foot. I am having great trouble finding a routine. Hopefully I can claw this back but sil is arriving on the 6th so it could all be just a dream.

Yet again Steve Malley has put together a useful post this time on size.....of manuscript that is and some useful tips for making yours fit the genre you are aiming for. Over on Susan Hill's Creative Writing Course here she gives some sound advice for writing dialogue.


Ray-Anne said...

Nothing wrong with writing un-polished prose. Best of luck with finding a routine. And many thanks for the links.

Unknown said...

Thanks Ray-Anne :-)

Phillipa said...

Thanks for these links Liz. You know, I once advised watching movies of the Richard Curtis variety to help one's writing of dialogue - and got shot down in flames by a disgusted category romance writer.

Well Susan Hill says do it - so it must be right. I LOVE the Tv and films as much as I love books. Hurrah!

Lisa said...

Yikes! I have been "off the grid" and I am woefully behind both reading and writing for Dickens. I'll be caught up on reading and commenting on EXPLOSIVE DREAMS by the end of the week -- I've been on pins and needles waiting to see what happens!

Unknown said...

I love those films too Phillipa :-)

Lisa you are too kind. I falling more behind as each day passes!