Saturday, February 09, 2008


I don't know how many of you have signed up for the BBC Radio Scotland Write Here, Right Now but this year it is on Crime and last year it was on Romantic Fiction. So one would think that I would have avoided this years but no and I'm so glad I haven't - although I admit to cheating as I am not writing a 1000 words a day at the moment......

So if you haven't signed up do. This weekend's words of wisdom come from writer Paul Johnson and what he has to say ( see the whole thing here) is so pertinent to any writing.

"Write whatever you feel like - with the sole proviso that you write what you feel.

Fiction without a carefully calibrated emotional dimension is duller than a December day in Murmansk. That doesn't mean you need to write melodramatically, giving your characters free rein to emote all over the page. Controlled emotion across a range of characters is the heart of fiction - think Austen, think Flaubert, even think D. H. Lawrence, who did everyday feelings just as well as full-blown passion."

So I had better get writing!!!!


Steve Malley said...

Just the right bit of advice at the right time. Thanks!

Unknown said...

A pleasure :-)

Kate.Kingsley said...

Thank you so so so much for the link, I hadn't heard of this, but it looks like just what i need right now ~ not least because I am toying with adding a "crime" type twist to the WIP!


Unknown said...

It's well worth signing up for the reminder kick in the pant - that's the helpful email everyday :-)