Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Casa Dos Sonhos - The House of Dreams

This morning copies the Portuguese editions of The Cornish House arrived...or I should say A Casa Dos Sonhos....they are sooooooooooo beautiful...

But what I really love is on the editor asked me to hand write a letter  to readers and they have reproduced it on the inside...

It's just so cool...

Now I need to dream up some give aways for this edition...anyone know any Portuguese book clubs?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Book Clubs and the Age of the Internet

Last night at 21:00 I waited armed with a large glass of wine poised in front of my computer waiting for a call on Skype. No, this wasn't my daily chat with Dad but a call from a book club in Warwickshire.

It was all thanks to a phone call a few months ago due to a need to schedule a replacement pipe for the gas supply to the house in Cornwall. To make a long story short in the course of the conversation about scheduling it came out that my first book was about to come out.

Well, the lovely Julie thought The Cornish House would be perfect for her book forward to last night...

Thanks to the age of Internet I was viewing a table full of woman enjoying some good food and wine...and *gulp* they had all read the books. They had spent the first half of their evening discussing the book without me and then Julie Skyped me. As this was a first for all of us we went round the table and each had a question about the book or the writing process. And it was such fun...not quite as much fun as actually being there with them (in fact I think I'd like to join their book club).

I signed off feeling really lifted and wanting to chat more. It was such a privilege to talk to people who have read the book. For so long the book was just mine and now it isn't which is weird but wonderful.

Any other book clubs out there fancy a Skype session?

I'm in the midst of finalizing my packing for the RNA wellie or not to wellie - that is the question of the moment...

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Link and Short Stories

I'm over at the lovely Rebecca Leith's blog here.

I wrestling with another short story at the moment...the word count on this one isn't so restrictive - 1500-5000 but it's still a challenge. I envy those who can work this form with ease...but I am sure that it's a good exercise.

Which do you prefer to write or read - novels or short stories?