Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas Books

As you would expect in our house books play a large roll...especially at Christmas.

Santa added the new edition of the Hobbit to DS1's and DS2's stocking because it was so beautiful...

There were also book on words and extraordinary facts but what was interesting was which books under the tree were the big hits...

I gave DS2 Fifty Sheds of Grey...yes, I know it appears a strange choice but he had been sending me links to spoof of 50 Shades and well.... He kept us entertain all Christmas day quoting from it!

I gave DD Kitchenella by Rose Prince...DD sat flipping through it and  said 'I can this tell this a book I will keep and use forever!' (the blurb says ...The Secrets of Women: Heroic, Simple, Nurturing Cookery - For Everyone.'

And DD and I must have been thinking alike because she gave me Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries II. On her weekend exeats it was the program we would cuddle on the sofa and watch...

Finally DH was given Gavin Esler's Lesson's From the Top and he had his nose firmly planted in it while on our skiing holiday.

Were you given any books this Christmas? Any favourites yet?