Wednesday, July 09, 2014

All Change - New Website, New Blog

My shiny new website site at is live although we are still tweaking it. Please pop by and tell me what you think.

I won't be posting here anymore but here and I will try and be a better blogger again!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new address, duly bookmarked.

A couple of immediate concerns for you and/or your technician(s):

* You don't appear to have enabled comments on the new site/blog. Check WordPress "discussion" settings?
* The RSS feed (posts – is broken, due to some bad mark-up in at least one post, leading to XML parsing error.

More general feedback:

* I don't know how the site looks on a tablet or phone, but on desktops and portables, there's lots of wasted space to the sides and the content is crammed into a narrow middle column.
* The type face is quite small and difficult to read, at least on a PC.
* The navigation could be improved. At present you keep having to go back to "home" or a main menu item to find what you're looking for. A search tool would also be very useful. Perhaps an investigation into the use of side bar(s) and widgets might prove handy.

In general, as is always my opinion on web sites, shiny is fine but working should come first.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Kev.

Unknown said...

Thanks Kev. Have forwarded on your comments to the person who understands! xx