Friday, February 22, 2008

Borin' Explorin' - NOT

We escaped to the Hajar Mountains in Oman and I find it difficult to put into words the raw beauty of the place. So I will use dd's words (her's above - borin' explorin') and my photos to give you a feel.

Here is a sand castle (the ruins of the Al Sulaif Fortress town near Ibri which date back to the 11th century)

We also stopped at a village where we met this colourful fellow.

A brief stop in the the fortress town of Bahla and on through Nizwa to reach our hotel, the Jabal Akhdar Hotel, up some 2000 plus metres on the Sayq Plateau. According to dd it has very comfortable beds!

The following morning saw us heading to the abandoned village of Bani Habib. Nothing quite prepares you for the stunning beauty of it and the wadi it sits above. Cherry blossoms were in the bloom and the wildly noisy murmuring of the bees intruding on the silence. (first 2 photos here are ds1's)

Blogger doesn't want me to post any more photos at the moment so until tomorrow, ciao!


Jenny Beattie said...

Oh WOW, Liz, I had no idea how beautiful the scenery is. Your pictures are amazing. Thanks for posting them.

CL Taylor said...

I tell you what Liz you're really opening my eyes about Dubai. Until I started reading your blog I thought it was just one big shopping centre with hotels where people like Jade Goody hug out! Now I'm seeing it as a beautiful place I'd definitely love to visit. The tourist board should so be paying you for your blog! ;o)

Flowerpot said...

how incredible Liz. And yes a good idea about being the rep for the tourist board!

alex said...

Glad you enjoyed them JJ :-)

It would be lovely it someone paid for my blog Cally but I do it for the pure pleasure. There is so much more to this area than shopping and bling however there is always that too!

Thanks Flowerpot. Hopefully blogger will let me post some more photos tomorrow - the best is yet to come as they say :-)

Unknown said...

Het guys that's me.....not Sash. Didn't realize the dd was signed in!

Lisa said...

These photos are just incredible! just got back into town so i'm late on reading chapters, but i see you've got new ones up for dickens -- i'll be reading them later today -- can't wait!