Monday, January 15, 2007

Words and Advice

No writing over the weekend. Not a bad thing as I mulled over a few things in my mind. It was a quiet weekend with just the dd and me. We went to the cinema and saw Miss Potter. I didn't know what to expect but came out delighted as did my dd. She was enchanted by the animals and is now old enough to enjoy the love story. The scene with Beatrix and Norman dancing to the music box will go down as one of the most romantic scenes in cinema for me. It's all that passion that can't be released but there just simmering under the surface(of course it has nothing to do with Ewan McGregor!).

Today I managed just over 1250 words - again not a bad day. I have finally hit one of the key turning points in the plot. It will be interesting to see how it builds........

Finally, when I checked my emails this morning there was a google alert for Liz Fenwick on Ann Weale's blog, Bookworm on the Net This surprised me no end. Anne has been a sucessful author for years and her views on the life and the literary world always provoke thought. I read her blog on a regular basis and have commented here and there along the way. Her entry of Friday 12th January ended as follows:

Right now I must stick to my new Day Plan which includes half an hour's housework every day. How long this good resolution will last...quien sabe? But I'm sticking with it for the time being.

I commented that I was doing the same. Well on Sunday, Anne decided to check me out.....Her results are here as is my reply. As an aspiring novelist I'm pleased to take advice. It's a big, bad, old world in publishing but I think I will pass on this piece.


Jessica Raymond said...

Well done on another productive day, Liz!

I've always wondered about Google alerts -- how do you set them up?

Jess x

liz fenwick said...

Hi Jess. For Google alerts go the more after images etc. Its the first option.

Good luck!

Jen said...

"In my view [...] unpublished writers shouldn't waste their creative energy blogging. If and when they do start blogging, it should be a subject blog, not a personal diary..."

Hmm, not sure I agree with Anne Weale about that. I use my blog as a warm-up, like a pianist would use finger exercises. I decide what mood I want to write in and keep on until it sounds 'right'. That's what all writing is about isn't it?

liz fenwick said...

YES!!!! exactly Jen :-)

Caroline said...

You're doing so so so well.
I am not!
I have had proofs to do again and keep getting pulled back into ISoA ... I want to be writing, but ... well you know what a flap I'm in today.

Blogging warms me up too and someone noted the other day that my writing style changes. I think that I have a blogging style for ISoA and a different for my new novel. Strange. Blogging is fab.

Keep writing,

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Caroline. Managed less than a 1000 today and could the word counter to post but will work on!