Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Admit Defeat

Zokutou word meter" src="" width=14 border=0>Zokutou word meter" src="" width=86 border=0>
14,185 / 100,000

I have tried and tried to get the above onto my side bar. Have done it successfully up until yesterday. It works here but won't work there and by not working it means that I lose the whole side bar. I know that means one piece of code is messed up by I can't find it! So I am making progress despite the what the side bar says!!!

Over on Fiona Harper's blog,, she asks some key questions that are helping me wrestle with the character thing. I have been a pantser in the past. I would outline the characters and then write - no great detail. As I wrote the characters spoke to me and told me who they are. There is good discussion of this on CS Harris blog,

Well, with A Cornish House, the character are talking a great deal but not revealing much about themselves. I know that is a reflection of their characters in itself but this is a character lead book with me being a plot lead writer.........Help! So Fiona's questions helped cement a few key points in my mind about them and showed me some weak points. So tomorrow will most likely be a none writing day.

I am meeting my gorgeous twenty something niece for coffee and then off to the Velacquez exhibition,, so I don't see a window of opportunity but I am hoping that the down time will help me work through some of the weak points. Well, one can hope!


Jen said...

Oh dear. I shouldn't laugh. Honestly, you can't imagine the number of times I've sloped into IT-expert(ie geek)boyfriend's study, clutching my laptop and mumbling on about really not having done anything at all but having mysteriously buggered up the sidebar on my blog.

Oh, am v jealous about you seeing the Velacquez exhibition - I meant to see that in Dec but had forgotten about it totally. Am going to check how long it's on for right now.

I hated living in London but sometimes, you know, I REALLY wish I lived there!!!!

Lucy Diamond said...

Hope the exhibition was fab - and congrats on the latest word count!

Sezzie said...

Well, you are doing better than I am Liz!

I am still waiting for Zokutuo to activate my account,...I am assuming that has to happen before I can even begin to try to be techy and get the thing on my blog?!

Looking forward to coffee tomorrow!

liz fenwick said...

Sezzie - what account? I just use it and have no account. Should I?