Monday, January 22, 2007

I Should Be Writing

Book club just finished here at my house. So I am using the blog as a chance to clear my head. I felt terribly guilty this month as I hadn't finished the book. Part of the blame goes to the book - The Night Watch by Sarah Waters. As I explained to my friends if I hadn't been reading for the book club I wouldn't have may it through to the half way point which I arrived at at 6:30 this morning. Having made it this far i am now caught but this first chunk of the book I didn't really care about the characters. The descriptions were great. I loved the London setting but I wasn't caught. The Middle goes back in time to the war years. I now care and will finished the book. As a group we were divided. Some loved it rating it a 9 but for other like me the jury is out.

We then went on to chose the next two books......I enjoy this and for part of it brought down half of tbr pile. I didn't want to put anyone off! Before I share my tbr pile though I'll tell you the next two books- The Good Earth by Pearl Buck and then one of my favorites from last year An Old-Fashioned Arrangement by Susie Vereker. Since I have read that one will hopefully let me catch up with the tbr pile which is below in no particular order:-

The Prophet Muhammad - Barnaby Rogerson (am half way through and enjoying it)
Old Scores - Bernardine Kennedy (fellow racer)
Decent Exposure - Phillipa Ashley
Spirit Willing Flesh Weak - Julie Cohen
Daughters of the Grail - Elizabeth Chadwick
Away From it All - Judy Astley
A Proper Family Christmas - Jane Gordon-Cumming
Brown Owl's Guide to Life - Kate Harrison
(fellow racer)
Practically Perfect - Katie Fforde

So with all the reading above and the ones that are still upstairs it will be amazing if I have time to write let alone spend anytime with my family!

Later I will try again to update the side bar with the three new racers and what I manage to write today (she says optimistically!).


Jane Gordon-Cumming said...

Well, I'm glad to see APFC is on your 'to be read', Liz! You do realise that reading it is far more important than writing? (An attitude which might explain why I took so many years to write it).

liz fenwick said...

Jane, i am really looking forward to seeing it. A friend nearly nicked it out of my tbr pile but I held fast. I have to finish Night Watch first.........must finish it so I can reach the books I realy want to read :-)

Anonymous said...
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