Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Racers

Two new racers have joined the fray, Dave Hill http://davehill.typepad.com/temperama/ and Hera http://thejealousy.blogspot.com/. I keep checking the progress of the others telling my self it is not procrastenation but know if I hadn't checked then I would have spent those minutes adding to my word total.......right? no, I would have found something else to do. You see I still have one child home and time spent writing is time not with him so I feel guilty. Sadly he goes back to school tomorrow so for the rest of today it is a Lord of Rings marathon session.

I shall probably find the my hero Mark start to look like Aragon when I write again tomorrow:)


Caroline said...

Wow! You're doing well. I have just deleted 14,000 words from a very rough draft that I rushed in a month. I am shaking!
I still have one child at home (she's 3) and I feel that she is being neglected. I guess that it's all about balance between writing and finding time to be a mum.
Have fun ahd 'hi.'

liz fenwick said...

What am amazing insight into your work. I don't know if I could be that brave. Mine you I wrote and rewrote the last book more times than I can count!!

I am also amazed you are writing with a three year old at home and are working your money job.

My youngest is seven so life has some sense of space now :-)

Jessica Raymond said...

I don't think seeing Aragorn is a bad thing!!

And I'd be feverishly checking everybody else's counters, as well. So you are not alone :)

Jess x

Bernardine Kennedy said...

I shall be up and running just as soon as I get remove the mental block that I have for all things techy.
Have to get the counter up!

Julia Buckley said...

Looks like lots of my bloggings are in the race. I've got a few commissions coming in and I don't know how much time I'm going to have for my novel over the next couple of months yet. But I'm hoping to be able to sign up too.

Good luck Liz, and everyone else!

Julia Buckley said...

Sorry, meant to say, 'Looks like lots of my blogging pals are in the race.'

liz fenwick said...

Hi Bernadine. If you need technical help with the blog email me on romna:-) Great to have you in the race.

Welcome Julia. Look forward to seeing your progress!

liz fenwick said...

Julia have you let Kate know you are joining the racers??