Thursday, January 18, 2007


I tried to update the sidebar with the three new racers but its playing the same silly b......gers that it does with the word count. I have checked every comma etc and still I lose the whole side bar when I add new stuff!

I did write today. I set the alarm early - 5:30. I felt I really couldn't fall behind my fellow racers. So I sat to my puter and what did I do. Of course I checked emails and the my blog and then everyone elses blog and behold it was 7:00 and time to wake the dd. So no words there!

Dropped her at school and began in earnest to get something on the page before coffee with gorgeous niece. Finally words began to flow. I mean really flow but the post arrived and in it was another amazon delivery. My tbr is going reach the moon soon. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you what's on the tbr. Any way in the same pile of post was the awaited report from Hilary Johnson on August Rock. I don't have to give up writing just yet! Work to be done but it's not bad folks. The work will have to wait until the first draft of A Cornish House is complete!

So off to Velazquez in the gales. The exhibition to be honest was a disappointment. I am not sure that it wasn't the crowds but I think it was the paintings they chose. I am not really familiar with his work so I can't say for sure. I loved his early paintings of the intimacy of domestic life. They were vibrant but the later paintings of royals left me cold. I enjoyed the head and shoulders portraits of various people but over all I felt I had missed something. I will have to explore his works more.

So I came back home and sat to write again. Today's word count was 1,640 which brings me to 15,725. Not bad. Now if I could just make the side bar work!!!!


Jessica Raymond said...

Glad you got the report back and that it was helpful. I'd feel just the same as you -- desperate to start cracking on to making the changes!

Jess x

liz fenwick said...

Jess, I woke in the middle of night and had to write down how I was going to re-work it! Must get A Cornish House finishede before all this inspiration dries up!