Friday, January 05, 2007

A Little Bit

Trying to keep in the race when I have three kids home and the dh working from home is tricky and policitcally risky. They think I am just surfing the web and not actually producing anything but they are wrong. Just over 1000 words written today. Not great but not bad either.

Back on the the He Wrote/She Wrote site, Jennifer Crusie offers that one shouldn't know the intent or theme or your work before you write the first draft. She feels you might be in danger of beating your reader over the head with it if you think about it all the time. She opts for defining it after the first draft and subtly highlighting in the reworking. Good idea but now I do have one of my main theme's in mind. Is it at the forfront all the time - no. When writing all I see is a movie screen in front of me and I write down key details and dialogue. At least that's what I hope I do.

I'm into chapter three and I am hoping the voice of Serena is right.......crows of doubt arriving early today.

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Jessica Raymond said...

Well done on the 1k, Liz!

I much prefer having a theme in mind for the first draft. Otherwise I'd be scared I'd write the story all wrong and it would need *loads* of editing.

Jess x