Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No Words

I wish I could be sitting here telling of the copious amount of work I have done since I last posted but no. Zilch. Nada. Big fat ZERO. Good, huh? I could list my excuses but that wouldn't be fair because I could have written. I really could have.

I have been thinking about the book. I have been wrestling with Mark - not an unpleasant experience I must say, but that still hasn't put words on the page. I still haven't resolved how to handle Mark or the pace of the story but I have decided that today I will write. It may well turn out to be utter crap but it will break the barrier I have created in my mind.

With August Rock I wrote swiftly through and it was easy. The story line was easier. A Cornish House is more complex and I know that I will have many rewrites to work in the laying I'm missing with this massive push forward. AR did teach me that rewriting is good and not just a royal pain in the butt. So I now know it is only possible to fix what is actually on the page so today I will put words on the page. I will introduce the voices of the two historic women through their letters and diaries today. Mark's voice may not yet enter because I haven't worked out how. But if I accept that his voice will find a place - it will.

There. How's that for being positive. Did I mention I have my youngest home sick from school and she likes lots of attention???


Caroline said...

Very positive. Thinking time is essential. I haven't written for 10 days now!!!!!!! I am thinking too much.
I have youngest two off sick today. Sick children and annoying husbands do not make for easy writing.

liz fenwick said...

Well, I am actually writing inbetween interuptions of can I watch tv and I'm bored. Her health is returning rapidly

Thinking time is great. It's in over thinking that I am specialist. New matra. Sit and write. Don't think.

BTW are you planning a book launch?

Caroline said...

I do hope to have a booklaunch when it comes out in June. I know that uny want to do something too. What to expect at a booklaunch???? My friend has told me to watch a Sex and the City episode and reproduce the launch from that! I haven't seen it, but knowing him it'll be 'interesting!'

Sit and write is a good mantra. I must try it.


liz fenwick said...

Haven't seen that episode either...

I have actually written today and may yet squeeze in a few more words as youngest is well enough to go to brownies........:-)

Jen said...

Liz, you know you ARE allowed to take a break you know... especially with sick children to contend with.

So long as you're still 'thinking' and the storyline cogs are turning it's fine, in my humble opinion. Gives the characters time to ferment perhaps??

You're doing brilliantly, stop being so hard on yourself.

liz fenwick said...

Thanks, Jen:-)

I have written well today - maybe not well but the word count is good. My dd has been very tolerant as long as I appeared to be watching the film with her.......