Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ideas and Writing

Having written the first 250 words of A Cornish House back in September I put the book aside to rework August Rock. That is now done and I'm now playing with research and gearing up for the big push.......The Word Count Challenge (see the side bar for those who are in the race or Kate Harrison's blog) for details.

In my procrasentation I have been searching blogs.....from the Grumpy Old Bookman here I found a link to CS Harris herewho has an interesting discussion of crafting of a book and currently working on characters. She has put up a list of her favorite character and also of those who she would want to have a relationships with. I won't try that today - to much procrastenation really! However I think it is interesting that Rasored Zen here who commented on her blog chose all his favorite female characters from male authors.......another item to comtemplate.

On a more concrete line I send thanks to the Teach Me tonight Blog here . A reference there sent me to Jennifer Cruise / Bob Mayer workshop He Wrote She Wrote here. The first installment of the workshop talks about the One Sentence Idea. That has forced some concrete ideas out into the journal. I hate trying to sum up my intent for the novel but I can see how this can possibly make the story easier to write . However it might spoil the surprises that seem to occur out of mid air when I get in the full throws of writing.

Having said the above, I realize that by instict rather than design those first 250 words really do throw up the intent of the novel -the clash between the generations. Their search to find common ground and how often they miss the target. Of course I what to show how love untimately builds the brides and mixing metaphors provides the translation required.

So although it's nearly eleven this morning and I haven't written a single new word, I do have a clearly idea in my mind about what the story is ultimately about. So here's to productive procrastenation.

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