Thursday, January 11, 2007

Not Bad

Just over 2000 words written today. Respectable. It's the first day without kids in the house. I have another 20 minutes until peace disappears. I am wondering how long it will take me to get into the swing of writing again. I seem to be nibbling here and there but don't feel back into the groove.

I'm also wondering where I'm going with the story. I think I have now set up both main character well and developed the love interest a bit. Although I have mind mapped the story I'm leaving it to the flow as how and when they key plot events happens. This could be very unwise. August Rock just flowed with the plot events tumbling out nicely. This is more of a character based book so I'm feeling my way through it blind.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's coffee break for racers over on Kate Harrison's blog, Hopefully all the racers will report in and we will find some new ones. I am enjoying jumping around to check on progress. Hopefully this will keep me motivated and procrastinating!


Hera said...

Ta for your welcome to the race. Was not sure of the etiquette in replying. Do I post on my comments where you can't see it; or on yours where it makes no sense to anyone else....
Anyway V interested in this mind mapping. Vaguely remember it from geography A'level. Also sounds like a worthy procrastination tool, how do you get started?

liz fenwick said...

Hi Hera. Thanks for popping by.

The normal is reply on your blog and people drop back to see if you've replied.......i think. That's what I do anyway.

Mindmapping is cool. I started when I was woprking with my eldest who is dyslexic. Basically it's brainstorming with your central idea in the middle and all other ideas shooting off. Its a way to organize your thoughts without being to rigid. Here's a link to show what they look like

Jessica Raymond said...

You're doing so well! If it makes you feel better, when I began to write more character-led stories I found the actual writing became easier because the characters would start to do what was right for them rather than what I, as the all-knowing god of their world, wanted them to do!

Jess x

liz fenwick said...

thanks Jess. It's a strange feeling but i'm going to run with it. I have nothing to lose at this point!

Jen said...

Ooh, Liz, you're doing terribly well! It's really hard to get back into the groove after a break isn't it? I love mind mapping but tend to stick to a general rambling freewrite - conjures up all sorts of links and funny ideas that you'd never imagine come from a single spark.

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Jen.

Weird ideas come through to.......last book it shocked me how small details became big turning points......I'm learning all the time. Doesn't help the doubt though!

Kate said...

2,000 is seriously good, too. You are cracking on while I have ground to a bit of a halt.

Coffee break has started early by the way, as we're all around at different times.