Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Word Count Challenge

I am have bravely or maybe foolishly joining in Kate Harrison's New Year's Word Count Challenge. You can visit her site here and see who else has jumped on the band wagon Chicklit Work in Progress. I have 250 words written so I must get cracking if I am going to keep up however I am blissfully still in Cornwall with all my notes in London. So I'll continue to focus on the research while here for another few days.

Along the lines of research for A Cornish House, my mil is guiding my hand from above again. I was looking through the book shelves wondering where to start on the the house for the book. I know which house and where but I needed details of Cornish vernacular style and what do my eyes fall on but another of June's wonderful books......A Cornishman's House. The answer to my prayers as it even has a bit on the house in question!

So I will have to get a word counter onto the blog and you can watch this challenge progress!


Jessica Raymond said...

Good luck! I love word counters because when you update them it feels really good to see the results :)

Jess x

liz fenwick said...

Thanks!!! Will get one post soon :)

Anonymous said...
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