Wednesday, January 31, 2007


First let me start by saying that my dd went back to school today! I planned a day focused on writing but then the electrician arrived. We live in a rented house so he had a long list of outstanding items which should have taken an hour. He and his assistant left at three. Nothing was straightforward. The extractor fan in the kitchen proved to be a huge problem. No one could discover where it was wired through. An hour and a half later it was sourced then sorted. Then there was the extractor fan in the bathroom. Well whoever installed it cemented in the cable. This was only discovered after several holes had been drilled into the ceiling. So now we have a very ventilated ceiling and an extractor fan that is wired on the outside of the tiles but it works. Now I await the man to fix the holes and the man to bring the new fridge. Did I mention the fridge died on Sunday?

So my peaceful day was disturbed with power on and power off but I still managed to add another 2523 words! Best of all I wrote in Mark's first chapter and it felt right. I still may have to go back to the beginning and introduce his voice earlier because it may feel strange having his voice suddenly arriving 100 pages into the book but then again maybe not!


Lucy Diamond said...

Wow, Liz, that's fantastic. You are doing brilliantly!

liz fenwick said...

Thank you (takes a bow)it's amazing what guilt can do. I was ashamed of my out put last week!!!