Sunday, February 18, 2007


Julie, (blog), tagged me, well sort of. I was reading her blog and that was the mistake. Not one to let a challenge pass by here goes........ten little known thing about moi:

1. I craved medium sherry when I was pregnant with ds1.
2. I once had a household staff of seven - the only really important one was the man who lived under the stairs and came with the house (we were living in Jakarta at the time).
3. I have spent one night in the Burj Al Arab (very Austin Powers)
4. The first concert I ever went to was the Bay City Rollers (now that gives my age away!)
5. I met Bob Hope on a golf course on Cape Cod
6. I learned to love Country music living in Calgary and Houston
7. I love painting with oils
8. I hate flying......I embarrass my family by praying during take off and landing and any turbulence.
9. I adore the cartoon Scooby Do but loathe scrappy
10. I always dreamt of looking like Grace Kelly but failed miserably :-)

So now I have to do the deed of tagging someone if you have never been tagged give it a try and let me know!!!


Julie Cohen said...

I hate Scrappy too.

You have led a very glamorous life!!

liz fenwick said...

Not glamorous I promise!!! Just an expat life style - you have the very high points and then again you have the lows and I won't go there!

Caroline said...

Craving sherry!
Can we see some paintings?


liz fenwick said...

Maybe....since I have been back in the UK I haven't time space. I might take a snap an post later!

B.E. Sanderson said...

I tagged myself for you. ;o)

liz fenwick said...

B. E. I'll go check now :-)

hesitant scribe said...

You got me!

liz fenwick said...

Off to go have a look!