Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Dance

The groove has returned today. 2260 words today bringing me over February's goal of 40,000! YES! This morning I thought I would never find it. I visited every blog I could think of. I waited for emails I didn't expect. I even thought of cleaning.......then suddenly the groove hit. I do so like the groove.

Yesterday I did manage 1000 words but they all felt like pulling teeth. Maybe in the end they will be better words but oh it does feel good.

Off to do the school run now.


Lucy Diamond said...

Oooh, good going, Liz! Well done. Glad you've rediscovered the groove. Did you see mine anywhere when you were looking? ;)

Nichola said...

Ooh, cleaning. You MUST have been avoiding work! (It's my favourite excuse too. The bathroom floor really needs to be mopped five times a day...)

Keep beavering away and don't do what I did. I still feel stupid about that...;)

B.E. Sanderson said...

Good job, Liz! I love the groove. I just wish it would visit more often. (But then again, if it did visit more often it wouldn't be 'the groove'. LOL)

liz fenwick said...

Oh, Lucy I'm sure it's just waiting for you to have time. What is your total weekly words count?

Nichola, I have learned from your mistaked and backed up twice to be sure! Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope you can recoop some of it.

Those words are too true b.e.!

Caroline said...

You are so cool! The groove is good place to be ;-)
Keep going.


liz fenwick said...

Thanks! I'm dancing round the kitchen now as i sqeaked in another couple hundred words while child played without me :-)

A. Writer said...

Well done reaching and going over your goal!

Keep it up!

Wish the 'groove' would come to me sometime soon!

liz fenwick said...

I wish the groove on all of you. I'm writing now and I should be cooking dinner. DH is being patient for the moment - it won't last but right now its very clear in front of and seems to be working. i know tomorrow it will all seem crap but i am enjoying it now :-)

Helen said...

Well done Liz! Thanks for your advice earlier about writing for 20 minutes. I did just that and managed about 1000 words - though it took me all morning! Hopefully will follow your lead and do a lot more tomorrow...

Nichola said...

I'm awake at half past four in the morning. Gawd bless insomnia.

I could be sleeping, but no, I'm listening to The Killers' latest album and reading blogs.

Tomorrow - or should I say later today - I shall invoke The Power of The Blessed Groove.

I wonder if you can channel the groove by eating chocolate? Worth a try. I might even make sense, if I could only get some sleep.

liz fenwick said...

Helen, I'm glad the timer worked for you. It just seems to be the thing. Limit the time and see what happens!

Chocolate always helps in my experience, Nichola. Hope you don't feel too awful today.