Saturday, February 17, 2007

Holiday Reading

Well, our time in Dubai was way too short. I mean way too short. We arrived at just before midnight Sunday and left Dubai in the early hours of this morning. As we had lived there for three years it was intended as a quick break to enjoy friends and enjoy the sun. Ticks on both accounts. I didn't write a word. The first morning I thought about it but after that well the pool, the sun, the food all beckoned. So I gave up guilt and embraced the joy of reading. My tbr pile was educed by two......joyfully. The new imprint Little Black Dress was designed for holiday reading from the two books I sampled. First off I read Phillipa Ashley's Decent Exposure.

Maybe I should first tell you all what a great book - which it was. But first I will talk about the grief ds1, the 14 yr old gave me about the cover. "Mum, there's a naked guy on the cover."




"You like looking at naked guys?"

Now what is a good up standing mother of three to say but, "Of course."

Needless to say he walked away and left me to happily read the book. Boys get so embarrassed about these things! He was still asking me about it today when I unpacked and he saw the book again. This time he just rolled his eyes and asked where the calendar was. I reminded him I didn't need a calendar when I had his father around. He beat a quick retreat!

Now to the book itself. I fell head over heals for the hero Will. Emma's vulnerability was so credible and how she held off for so long I don't know. It was a great read and I smiled my way through it. All the twists and turns felt real and I loved each moment of it. Definitely ideal holiday reading to make you smile even more.

Next out of the bag was Julie Cohen's Spirit Willing Flesh Weak. Now I have read and loved Julie's other books. So in a way I wasn't prepared for the different feel of this book. The book is told in first person and you get right into the head of Rosie. She grabs you from the start. I loved her complex nature and really found myself wondering if Harry could ever be good enough for her. I rooted for her the whole way through. It could be that she is from Massachusetts went to university near where I did but we won't pull those things in to it. It was a great story and a very different read. But like all of Julie's books I have read filled with incredibly real character portrayals.
The two books from the same imprint were very different in feel but both were perfect shorter reads that completely satisfied. Ideal for a holiday from life :-)
Now back to laundry and hopefully writing again. Have fallen way behind my fellow racers!


hesitant scribe said...

Hi there - just popping in to say hello. Dubai sounds wonderful. Don't worry about falling behind the racers though. I have miles to go yet!

liz fenwick said...

You'll be surprised how quickly you feel the 'pressure' to keep! I have found the race just the thing to stop me from thinking about it too much. I keep telling myself I can edit crap but I can't edit air :-)

Jen said...

You're still miles ahead of me... I think my brain has gone on holiday!

'Tis very good to have you home


Caroline said...

Glad that you're back and that you had fun.
Back to writing tomorrow.
I wrote 1,000 words yesterday and I haven't written for weeks and weeks.
Oooooh I am glad to have you lot around.

liz fenwick said...

Thanks for welcome back Jen. I hope the break will have fired me up.

Caroline, 1000 words....I bet that feels good! Your break has set you off on the right foot or is it the naked men?

JJ said...

Hi Liz - Welcome home. It's often both lovely and awful to be home, I know, but I hope you enjoyed everything in Dubai. One of our local bookshops was doing a special offer on Little Black Dress - I'm going to go back this week and see if it's still on! JJ

B.E. Sanderson said...

I get the same reaction from my 13-yr old daughter when I mention anything romantic in nature. Must be the age. =o)

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only racer who hasn't been up to stride lately, but I'm also sorry to hear I'm not the only one. *sigh* May this week bring us all more words.

liz fenwick said...

JJ- Little Black Dress books are great shorter reads. Just right for a break.

I enjoyed everything in Dubai but the blue skies are what really made it for me!

B.E. teanagers are great. Their take on life is brilliant and totally refreshing - mostly. Sorry to hear the words did work last week. Its a fresh start for the new week :-)

Julie Cohen said...

Hooray! I'm glad you liked Spirit Willing. It's definitely different from my category stuff--or I certainly tried to make it so.

I'm glad you had a good, relaxing time.

liz fenwick said...

Julie, it is very different but the humour is still very present:-)

Phillipa said...

Hi Liz

I just got back from the exotic (though lovely) Lake District to see your post about Decent Exposure. I'm glad you enjoyed it - I still haven't got over the buzz of someone reading it! Pip xxx

liz fenwick said...

I loved it and my neice Philippa just knicked the other day. Said it sounds just her kind of read! I would suspect she is more your target market that me! She's twenty eight, a lawyer and wonderful. She had never seen a little black dress book before????

Was thinking of you today as I read of the family that had to be rescued in the Lake District!

A. Writer said...

Yay! Another Little Black Dress Books fan! I love them! Easy to fit in the bag and read when on the bus to work!