Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blue Funk

As I write this I am feeling a tad better. The past two days I have been a blue funk. A heavy heavy heart and weary body and mind weighed me down. I haven't written a word so my revised goal of 50k by the end of tomorrow is nigh on impossible unless I drink red bull all day long. That is not a huge tragedy as I well over original target.

With A Cornish House, I know where I am going at the moment and can see it clearly in my head but I feel if I start writing at present my characters will all fall into a fearful depression....like a great climatic low is sitting over them. Sometimes writing through a blue funk is good but right now I don't think so.......I will be hanging my head in shame on Friday at the coffee.

Book club was Monday and we read - that is all except for me, Notes on a Scandal......I had managed 45 pages. Pitiful but hey when I am full on writing I am too drained I think to read much. So yesterday and today I have been continuing with that and still working on Night Watch. Maybe I should pick up one of the happier titles from the tbr pile????


Jen said...

Oh, that funk is hard to write through... sometimes you just have to take that break.

No shame involved at all, you are always so hard on yourself. I've not written a word for nearly two weeks and can barely remember what my novel's supposed to be about.

You've written a lot and you know where you're going. I know we're calling it a race but a pitstop now and then is compulsory if you want to be in good shape at the end?

Be kind to yourself


liz fenwick said...

Jen thanks :-) The racers are great!

Nichola said...

Notes on a Scandal was the last book I finished - a week ago, that's slow for me! Haven't read a book since! I committed the grave sin of seeing the film before reading the book and loved both!

Still haven't got around to reviewing it on my book blog; I'm so lazy...

I'd advise writing through the 'blue funk'. I know, it's the time when you least feel like it. But a fellow writer said to me yesterday that when he reads back over pages he wrote while in the funk, they don't read as bad as he would have expected. In fact, he said he can't see the join between those and his 'normal' pages!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Everybody's got their own way to handle a case of the blue funks. I step away from my work. Find something else to do for a while - even if it's just a day. I crochet. I play online poker. I birdwatch.

I wish I could help. I know it just stinks. :great big huge e-hug: I'd e-mail you a cup of tea and a bubble bath if I could.

Feel better.

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Nichola and b.e. The solutions arrived last night. The dd had brownies so my dh took me out for a drinks at the local tapas bar and made me talk. Aftre a large glass of wine the world looked a bit better.....but I gave up drink for lent....so i'll try not to beat myself up for that!!!

Back to writing today!