Sunday, February 25, 2007

Challenger Update

Nichola has joined the ....Any more takers?


JJ said...

No, no, no, nooo. Can't. Haven't got a first page.

Would I do it if I had one?

Oh, absolutely ... probably not.

Sorry Liz, am supporting you all from the sidelines. Will be back with my claxon to cheer you all on.


liz fenwick said...

It's ok JJ. You'll show the world when your ready.

Caroline said...

I'm with jj - cheering on from the sidelines x

liz fenwick said...

Come on Caroline, you can do it!!!

A. Writer said...

I've done it! I've put the first few paragraphs of one of my WIPs up on my blog. It's a rough rough draft. Eek! I'm scared!

liz fenwick said...

Well done for being brave! Will go read now :-)