Tuesday, May 22, 2012

April Hardy - One Thing I've Learnt

One thing I’ve learnt is that it is never too late to find the right path. It took me forty years but I believe I’m on the right track now!
From studying drama at college and theatre school, convinced I was destined for Drury Lane, to retraining as a chef in a Swiss hotel school, it was always the written side of things which fulfilled me most.
Choreographing “ballets” for Greek bouzouki clubs, a stint on a Mediterranean cruise ship and assisting a temperamental wedding cake designer were interesting detours. However, a few freelance jobs on a magazine’s cookery pages and writing recipe booklets for a biscuit company started heading me back in the right direction.
I’d be lying if I said none of the twists and turns I’ve followed on my life’s journey so far have been wrong directions. Although even those seven months in the Aegean being sea-sick every day resulted in a drop of two dress sizes!  But most have just been delightful detours, adding new experiences along the way.  
Any regrets I didn’t find my path sooner? None at all! Because all those experiences are filed away, just waiting to be used!


JO said...

What a wonderfully varied life you have had. And all decisions that felt right at the time, and are fun to look back on (except the sea-sickness, of course). At least you're not sitting back and wondering what would have happened if you hadn't followed this dream, that dream ...

liz fenwick said...

Jo - so true!