Monday, May 21, 2012

Anita Burgh - One Thing I've Learnt

by Tommy O'Connor
One Thing I’ve learnt . . .
is that people are invariably the opposite to that which they claim to be.  My husband had a demanding and ultra possessive grandmother who had brought him up.  “I am incapable of feeling jealousy,” she would boast while planning how to rid herself of me since she was resentful of my relationship with her adored grandson and riddled with the green-eyed monster.
“We’re all mad in our house!”  Hearing that my heart sinks, without doubt they will be as boring as hell.
“Of course, I’m stupid!”  And then, you learn, she has a PhD in astrophysics.
“I’m the worlds worst cook!”  A lie you find out.  But come to think of it, perhaps “I’m a brilliant cook!”  is worse.
“I’m so shy.”  Invariably the life and soul of the party.
“I’ve never had botox.” Said with rigid face.
“I should write a book I’ve lead such an interesting life . . .”  No you haven’t, your life is about as dreary and humdrum as it can be you long to say.
See what I mean? 

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Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Brilliant post and so true!