Thursday, May 10, 2007

Novel Racer - Zinnia Cyclamen

Now we have Zinnia Cyclamen, I have to confess I just love her name and find her day job fascinating. So thus far we have had three published novelist, five aspiring which include a sheep farmer and a humanist funeral celebrant. Did I mention we are a diverse lot? Here's Zinnia in her own words:

"I am a humanist funeral celebrant. I hear so many wonderful stories through my work that I began a blog in July 2004 to share some of them. The blog quickly became popular, with several mentions in the Guardian and a place in the Bloggie shortlist for 'best written blog 2005'. This was all a big surprise and a bit overwhelming. I decided to scale down my blog, partly because I didn't want the pressure of belonging to the blogerati and partly because I got bored with only writing funeral stories. At the same time,largely as a result of the encouragement of my lovely commenters, I started to write a novel. It is, of course, about a humanist funeral celebrant. I finished the second draft last month and will receive feedback from two pairs of readers in mid-May - eek! I hope to have a final draft ready to send to agents before the end of this year."

If you were wondering about the ordering of the profiles, I am just posting them in the order they arrive in the mailbox.

Life has stepped up a pace and role of mother and organizer of all has taken over at present. My parents are here. I'm chasing boys for their confirmation tomorrow. Friends arrive from Italy what is writing exactly???


Kate.Kingsley said...

Lovely to read Zinnia's profile

Life does have a pesky habit of getting in the way of the writing, doesn't it?! I suppose its for the best, otherwise we'd have nothing to write about. For my current creative writing course I am required to select a poem title and write somethign based around it: I have chosen "The Secret Life of Life", as it sums up for me the way real life will continue to happen to you no matter hwat,

Best wishes,


Kate.Kingsley said...

PS ~ I need to learn to proof read before I post!

liz fenwick said...

I make typos all the time Kate :-)

I like your poem'll have to post it when its done!