Thursday, May 03, 2007

Novel Racer - Hera

The lovely Hera from is up next.

"I am in my mid twenties and living in East London. After college I thought I wanted to work in journalism and worked at a newspaper for a year, but it wasn’t the path for me. I left feeling stifled by the deadlines and direction limitations. I went on to study psychology and since graduating I have worked in family support for various councils and charities. A couple of years ago I decided I had neglected my teenage ambition and wrote a book. I was just happy with the fact that I managed to get that many words on paper (at school I was the girl who used to add adjectives to essays to meet the word count), but I didn’t feel ….purged. This year I’ve decided to do it again, but to write about something that means more to me. I’ve had some great experiences in my job and I also want to highlight some of the brighter sides of social work, if only for myself."

Hera has established a date night with her lap top to make sure she gets her writing time in. I think this is a wonderful idea :-)

I finally finished the Suite Francaise last night. I found the second half of the book utter compelling but I have to confess the first half didn't grab me. I couldn't keep up with all the different character and truly didn't care about them. Had it not been for book club I never would have finished and I am pleased I pushed through to the end.


sheepish said...

Hi just to say that I am reading Suite Francaise at the moment and am finding the first part fascinating. I think her perception of the upper classes in 1940's France is "viciously " accurate and a denunciation of their "I'm all right" attitude, but in an almost matter of fact way. I am finding it utterly absorbing. And such a waste of talant that she perished in Auschwitz.
And well done with all the profiles it's good to find out more about our fellow racers.

liz fenwick said...

It's good to get your perceptions of it. It helps because I found I cared so little for them that felt nothing when they died. You are so right about losing such talent in Aushwitz.

You're up for tomorrow blog:-)