Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Novel Racer B.E. Sanderson

Next Racer up is B.E. Sanderson. I love her blog,, as it is mine of information about the writing life. She scans all these wonderful writer blogs that I don't have time for and links the good ones. So here's B.E. in her own words:

"B.E. Sanderson... For writing, I go by my initials. I like the anonymity it provides and besides, my first name is a little too milquetoast to strike anyone as a competent writer of thriller and mysteries. It sounds more like I should be home baking for the kiddies. "Ma Sanderson's Chunky Chocolate Cookies" or some such thing.

Although I've thought about being a writer since I was a kid, I never quite got the gumption to finish anything. I started my first book - co-authoring with a friend - when I was fourteen, and it's sitting in a folder in my garage. Over the years, I've started several novels - mostly romances - and never finished one. Then three years ago, I sat down at my computer and started what would become my first completed novel. (Oddly enough, I started the book two weeks before I met my husband, and finished it four months after we were married.) Since that time I have completed another book, plus I'm close to finishing my third, and I have a fourth about half done. Unfortunately, none of my books have been published, but I'm working on remedying that situation.

My first two books are literary-thrillers. What can I say? I like taking a big problem and solving it while wrapping some important ideas around the storyline. My third novel is closer to straight literary, but since I am horrible at defining genre, I'm leaving the final determination to my beta readers and critique partner. Currently, I've split off into a mystery. Basically, I have a lot of ideas for a lot of different genres, so I expect I'll be writing whatever comes to mind for a long time to come."

Hectic time here as my parents have just arrived in time for the boys confirmation on Friday and did I mention that I will be in Budapest next week :-)

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