Friday, May 04, 2007

Novel Racer - Sheepish

I have to confess that I love Sheepish's name. I think it's brilliant and I think the fact that she managed to get one of Caroline Smailes' "Have you seen Adam?" badges on Number One sheep is even more brilliant. Here's her blog where you will find more pictures of Number One sheep........and other things :-)
"Hi I'm Sheepish and I'm a Pisces. When I was little I loved reading and writing but somehow I ended up taking a Chemistry degree and became a scientist. Then 15 years ago I moved to France and became a Sheep farmer. Now the creative side of me has finally escaped from the closet and I am attempting to write a novel. It's hard going because I am very self critical even these few lines has taken a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like challenges though. I ran the London Marathon at the age of 37[quite a while ago now!!] even though I hadn't been a runner before, and I still run 4 times a week. I became a sheep farmer even though I had no previous experience. I started a blog even though I am an IT virgin. Now I am a writer, I know I am because I've said it out loud!!!!!"
Well, that is the end to our Novel Racers this week. I am still missing many profiles - so Racers come forth, I know you are out there!
Over the weekend I'll catch you up with my writing issues........HELP!


JJ said...

Hi Liz

I promise I'll put something together for you, as it's lovely reading a snippet of the novel racers biographies.

Jen said...

I'll cobble something together too - I just need to think of something interesting to say!

I'm really enjoying reading about everyone - it's different, somehow, to reading about them on their own blogs. A different perspective, I guess.

liz fenwick said...

Yes, Jen I'm finding that the racers are protraying themselves diffeently in the profiles and its fun :-)

Still waiting for you too JJ!