Monday, May 14, 2007

Novel Racer - Rachel Green

Well, a new week and onto the next Racer, Rachel Green, Rachel I think has the most intriguing hobbies....Here she is in her own words:

"When someone mentions ‘the voices in my head,’ most peoples immediate reaction is to smile politely and look for the nearest exit, hoping that the person they’re talking to doesn’t have a machete hidden under their hospital issue nightgown.

Not so with writers. We call those voices ‘muses’ and quickly learn to turn their suggestions into prose. Great reams of prose. Sometimes rubbish, often mediocre and, very occasionally, an absolute gem.

Can I help it if my muse is a demon? He’s been promoted since he’s been with me and has even guest-starred in a couple of stories by other writers. Not that I’m jealous. I just wonder what he promised them.

My current WIP is the story of a young lady who becomes a werewolf. She has a few problems coming to terms with this, not least of which is how to hod a teacup when you’ve lost your opposable thumbs.

Jasfoup stays with me until tea-time, after which he allows me to pursue my other interests: Historical defence (rapier, saber, cutlass) and, recently, kobudo (Eastern weapon forms). Once in a while I actually see my family too: two wives, two kids and two dogs. My wives are the tall ones without hairy feet."

My weekend was wonderful but busy beyond words and as I write these words I am sitting in a hotel in Budapest! We just arrived after a rising at 4:45 this morning. Knackered? Me, no. I am just trying to find my bearing before venturing out in the 33 degree Celsius sunshine. So this week I will be blogging from Budapest. It has a ring to it -doncha think?

A huge thank you to Kate and Lucy and all the racers for awarding me the prize. I don't feel I should have it but I would never say no to books! The real winner was Kate Harrison followed by Zinnia. So Zinnia, email and I'' share the prize :-). Now Budapest waits!

P.S. Caroline, I am now searching for Adam in Budapest........will post picutres later.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

You deserved it, Liz - enjoy!

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Zinnia :-)

NoviceNovelist said...

Liz enjoy the heat - it continues to be grey, wet and omnious here in blighty. You must tell us what books you receive for your prize - how delicious to get books!!!!!

liz fenwick said...

I am enjoying the heat and it is hot. Was out walking for two hours and had to come back to the hotel before I melted!

Will keep you posted on the books :-)

Jen said...

Wow, how interesting does Rachel sound? Can't wait 'til her book's published, she'll make for some fascinating interviews on the tellybox, won't she?

Liz, would you like to swap your fabbo jet-set life for a little while? I'm sure too much fun isn't good for a girl...


sheepish said...

Lucky you, if we want a few days away we have to take the sheep with us , and it's soooo difficult finding nice Hotels that take sheep!!!!
Congrats on the win and hope you are working out your novel problems.
And the profiles have been very enlightening.

leatherdykeuk said...

Thanks for the highlight, Liz.

Did I mention that I'd won the regional heat of Undiscovered Authors?

"An Ungodly Child," the first Harold and Jasfoup novel, is about to be published.

Undiscovered Authors

liz fenwick said...

Rachel what fantastic news!!!! Will post a news flash tomorrow :-)