Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Novel Racer - Lucy Diamond

Lucy is one of the founders of the Novel Racers with Kate Harrison and I was so excited when I returned from holiday in Florida that I rushed down to the local bookshop, Nomad, and bought book. In fact I was so excited I took pictures which are now posted for the world to see! I'm reading Any Way You Want Me Right now. It's great! Here's what Lucy has to say:

"My name is Sue Mongredien and I blog at http://beinglucydiamond.blogspot.com/. I write children’s books under my own name, as well as some of the Rainbow Magic stories (as Daisy Meadows), and I have just had the exciting-but-terrifying experience of seeing my first adult novel make it into the shops – it’s called Any Way You Want Me and it’s published under the pen name Lucy Diamond. (Only £3.99 at Amazon at the moment...go on, treat yourself!)

Like Julia, I used to work in publishing, as an editor of children’s books,before leaving to travel around the world for a year and a half, getting myself into all sorts of dangerous situations and scrapes in the name of adventure! These days, I live in Brighton with my partner and three young children (aged six, four and two), and am self-employed, working two days a week, with the rest of time on Mum Duty. I am currently working on my third novel and a new story in my Oliver Moon series."


Lucy Diamond said...

Oh cheers, Liz - thanks for taking the bookshop photo!

Thanks also for buying a copy - I'm glad you're enjoying it.

liz fenwick said...

It's a great read :-)