Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Novel Racer - Isabella - Novice Novelist

Well two more racers have come forth! Today we have Novice Novelist, Isabella, http://novicenovelist.blogspot.com/:

"I was born in Belfast, moved to Australia when I was 10 and then back to the UK in my thirties with a fair bit of travelling and moving about in between. The longest I have ever lived in one place is 12 years which I thought was a really long time but I’m beginning to see that it isn’t. I mention the above because everything I write seems to be about finding your place in the world and the importance of friendship. I think that strong friendships make you feel that you always have a home even if you aren’t actually seeing some of your mates on a regular basis. One of my best skills is the long distance friendship – I would win Olympic Gold!!!!

I have had a sporadic relationship with writing for most of my life. It has gone through several phases. I was a playwright for about 7 years and had a couple professionally produced and used as texts for acting students. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of arts council grants to write full time but I found that in my mid twenties this was not for me nor did I have the self confidence to be doing it in such a ‘serious’ way. So I went back into the ‘normal’ workforce and then fell into journalism – something I have been doing on a freelance basis for around 15yrs now. It has only been in the past few years that I have returned to fiction. I got an idea that I realised wanted to be a novel and I’m currently around 61,000 words into it. I live in hope of having a first draft finished by the summer but life frequently gets in the way!!!! I dream of having the ideal work/personal/writing balance!!!

Novice Novelist"

Now I apologize. I am a day out this week. Yes, It was a bank holiday here yesterday which always makes it different but the unexpected happened. It was sunny in our part of Cornwall so I spent most of the day working in the garden. Bliss. Then the whole family went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Bliss. So please accept my apologies.

I had promised to continue my revision process but it must go on hold this week. Today I head back to London then off to States for best friend's wedding. I don't know what my connections will be and I won't have my reference materials. So I may be blogging or I may not. However I will be tomorrow when I have a. writer's profile :-)

Have read my revision and so far so good. It works and it fits!!!!

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Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Just catching up... great profile; so glad the revision is working!