Thursday, May 31, 2007

Novel Racer - David (DOT)

Well another brave racer has come forward! One of the latest, David (DOT). He's one of the four men we have racing with and the only one brave enough to step forth. Well done! Here's his profile:

"The truth is I fell into writing because I wanted to grow my hair long. This was back in the sixties, you understand; it would be a miracle if I could achieve that now though it would indubitably make me my fortune. So I looked around and picked on advertising as the place for me. After a relative short period by today's standards I got a job as a copywriter. By some fluke, I was good at it. And, for a young person, being a creative in an agency is fun. You're overpaid, spoilt, indulged and generally treated like minor royalty - least you were. In addition, in those days I had no concerns about the general morality of promoting big business because no one had invented phrases like 'multi-national corporations' or 'global marketing'. Indeed, for a brief and it has to be said, unhappy, period I worked at the same agency as Salman Rushdie, Fay Weldon and Dorothy Sayers once had - can't get more respectable.However, I secretly longed to do proper joined-up writing but never had the confidence to really go for it. One problem with copywriting is you never write in your own voice and that is what I lacked. So, when my elder daughter dutifully set off to attend university, I thought why not me. Essay writing might help me find my voice. So I applied to Sussex, was accepted and loved every moment. It certainly created a strong bond between my daughter and self as we would phone each other at periods of low ebb for encouragement. It also did wonders for my confidence."

Sitting in Vermont at my best friend's desk listening to the sound of a rushing river and looking through the fog to the's not too bad. Flights were OK and the Time Traveler's Wife is good but still missing Kate's book. I also managed to do a big rejig on August Rock before the wine hit on the plane!

I won't be here tomorrow as I will be beside a lake in new Hampshire for the wedding :-)


Jen said...

Hope you have wonderful time at the wedding - all those blasts from the past. Would make a fabbo story :)

Jessica Raymond said...

Setting sounds beautiful, Liz -- take some pics!

Have a great time at the wedding.

Jess x

NoviceNovelist said...

Liz the setting sounds gorgeous - you must tell us all about the wedding - especially the cast of characters!!!! Have a wonderful time!

Jan said...

What a great trip!
Lucky you.
Have a wonderfgul time.