Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Trouble with Boas

I am sitting here looking at hands that are orange and my neck and the lower half of face is strangely tanned. I looked like I ran out of self tan half way through the process!!!! The reason was the 60's dance at the eldest ds's school. Parents were reluctantly invited and I didn't want to miss oportunity to embarass the boy so I donned black mini, boots and boa. The boa was procured earlier in the day at Anne Summers - where else does one get a boa? However the Anne Summer's design team clearly didn't expect you to wear it all night as the die on the black feather has turned my skin a wonderful shade of fake tan orange!!!

On the boa subject I took my dh to the London chapter of Romantic Novelist Association lunch yesterday. He had a ball meeting Jenny Haddon, our esteemed chair woman. He was still trying to reconciled that she had written 45 Mills and Boon romances when he met one of the latest Mills & Boon authors, Fiona Harper and her dh. His head was spinning and it wasn't the wine. When Jean Fullerton came and asked him what he thought. He was smiling when she commented that there wasn't a boa in the room! Well his smile broaden as he knew the newly acquired boa was in my handbag:) Of course he didn't want to own up to having been in Anne Summers with me!!!!

The week has been very productive. I pushed past the crap (its ten pages of crap - the rest was OK) and have seventu pages left in the re-write! So this week i will put this re-write to bed amd reread the Sol Stein's Solutions for Writers then give it one last rewrite. Yes I am being annal.

The high note of the week, I was catching up with all my web stuff and saw this wonderful comment from Anna on the eharlequin Struggling Writers board "Liz - you were just lovely to me at the RNA Winter Party! I'm still smiling from your compliments and good wishes. And blushing from them, too! Folks, Liz is one of those people who make other people feel wonderful, and that's a precious thing." Wow!


Jessica Raymond said...

Yay on "pushing past the crap"! Go you!

Jess x

liz fenwick said...


Fiona Harper said...

Just as well I wasn't drinking my tea when I read about the boa, Liz! Has it come off yet?

liz fenwick said...

Just. I scrubbed like crazy as i was a winess in court today and could imagine what the jury would be thinking about the half tanned woman talking about slinging tomato soup!!!!

Anonymous said...
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