Thursday, November 09, 2006


Yesterday was very hard going. Three weeks was too long away and trying to get back into a good routine is painful. I had to read from the beginning and not take up half way through August Rock. I still have all the great ideas swilling about in my head but trying to layer them into the story is proving hard. I find myself self slipping into the word by word edit when right now I need to focus on the big picture.

On an up note I began Fiona Harper's Blind Date Marriage. Great book to lift one out of the doldrums. Love the pacy dialogue and I am having to stop myself from diving into it right now rather than REVISE. The crows of doubt are circling and if I don't get my act together then they will be plucking my flesh soon.

On another note I had to speak sternly with the seven year old dd this morning. Over half term I vaguely remember a conversation with her brothers 14 and 12 on the actual meaning of bitch and bastard as one does. Well little ears took this all on board and she announced this morning that so and so was a bastard!!! I stopped in full stride. What? No, mum he really is. She then when on to explain the child in questions parentage and by definition she is correct! We then spent the remainder on the walk to school saying that one does not use these term even if they apply as they can be very hurtful. HELP!!!!

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