Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I have begun the revision process again today after the Thanksgiving break and its crap. Each sentence sounds so stilted to me. I hope its my mind being over critical but I want to shread it again. I know I have already reworked these pages and I am wondering if the original was as stilted as this sounds. I guess I need to go look at the earlier pages. Can on over work something too much???


Jessica Raymond said...


It's hard to say -- you're the person who's best-placed to know, but again, there's that whole "wood for the trees" thing...

You took the break away from the book with half-term and Thanksgiving, which can sometimes work, but it sounds as if you're still feeling stuck. Perhaps if you're finding it that frustrating and confusing then it might be time to leave it for now and start something fresh? Exercising your brain on another story might bring you a fresh viewpoint on AR.

But don't in any way feel like you are the only one!

Jess xx

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Jess. I pushed past it and plowed through sixty pages yesterday and it was only one chapter that was crap so I made a note and will come back and look at that on Monday!!!

Today is going well too. Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself by saying that but finally i can see the end of this round of rewriting in sight:)

How's your latest going?