Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Computers Make Me Scream

I have spent the most frustrating day trying to get my computer to behave as it should. I have done this instead of writing or revising. The later two would have been a more productive option. I am writing this from the kids computer.

Yesterday I finished An Old-Fashioned Arrangement by Susie Vereker. I enjoyed the book start to finish. It appealed to me as at its heart is the vulnerable existence of the ex-pat spouse. Having led a global organization of expat spouses this book hit home. Despite many people's preconceptions its not all gin swilling and shopping. Quite the opposite in most cases. The heroine, Kim, is so very much like many of us who have trailed. It highlighted the problems that can arise if you have don't have a plan for the future, left your career behind, or have a spouse who leaves a lot to be desired. Kim finds herself in a bad spot with some interesting choices to get her out of it. I loved the humour in the book. It wasn't in your face but underlined the whole work. The pace of the story never let me down and I was kept glued until the satisfying last page. Even if you haven't lived an expat life I think its an interesting question posed in the book about how far from your 'normal' will you push yourself to survive.

Yesterday I spent a wasted morning in court or more sprecisely waiting to be a witness in a case. Being the promt law abiding soul I am , I arrived early. The longer I waited the more I felt like I was about to be grilled rather than the bloke who mugged my friend. After girding my loins for the experience it all came crashing down as the case was postponed until 4th December. Joy.

Finally rounding out today the writers bursary I was applying for was cancelled for no apparent reason.....

Hopefully tomorrow will dawn bright and I will remember the car is going for a service and that I must begin again the life of a writer in the revision cave :)

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Jessica Raymond said...


How awful about your friend :O I hope the mugger gets his just desserts...

Got your comment about my non-posting of Haunted Hearts for Julie's first-scene challenge! I know, I know... I got sidetracked at the weekend by, um... fireworks, trying to start Christmas shopping, and reading ;)

You'll be pleased to know I'm posting it today!

Jess x