Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Athens and Teaching

Arrived home late last night from a weekend in Athens. The last time I was there was twenty three years ago. The city has changed but I think I have may have changed more:) I found myself traveling down memory lane suddenly sure that Janet and I ate in a particular square in the Plaka and wondered why now how we found the waitors so interestingback then. Maybe they were better looking twenty odd years ago. However I loved watching the brava of the men. They catch your eye then preen a bit. It did make me smile and then I thought of Kate Walker's Greeks which made me smile even more. No wonder they were preening!!!

I think the break away from writing was great. This morning I gave a workshop on mind mapping to dd's year three class. It is wonderful how simple and magical story telling can be. Now I must get back to the magic but I leave you with a photo of the weekend(more will follow when I have my camera back at the end of the week).

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Jessica Raymond said...

Glad you had a nice time, Liz!

Jess x