Monday, December 04, 2006

Tomato Soup

The good news is that I finished with this re-write of August Rock. Now I just need to input on the 'puter the last sixty pages of changes. Sleep on it a few days then start again!!!!

I did these edits while killing time at Blackfriars Crown Court. No, I was not in the dock but a witness. Over a year ago a friend was mugged quite near our home. I had picked the middle ds up from his cooking class and I was parking my car when three men watched me rather closely. I had parked badly and had to re-park. All this is rather boring and it sounded even more dull today in court and maybe that is why it slipped out that I nearly throw my son's tomato soup at the two men who attached my friend. The tomato soup urge was not on my statement but somehow in court it came out much to the defense barrister's amusement and the jury's. There went my credibility in one go. I can hear them now.......the tomato soup woman.

On a sobbering note we won't know the verdict for a few days.........Now to start inputting the changes on August Rock:)

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Jessica Raymond said...

Fingers firmly crossed for the verdict -- and WELL DONE YOU on the edits!!


Jess x