Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It's taken me over a week to get to this....Christmas!!!! Jessica Raymond http://www.jessicaraymond.blogspot.com/ tagged me. I reallly enjoyed reading her list of things that she had to "bold up to". But I haven't got time for that with getting everything done (at least that is the excuse that i am sticking to!) I have also been tagged by Nell Dixon http://nelldixonrw.blogspot.com/ and i think I can just about handle it!

Here goes:-)

Four Jobs I've held:
1. waitress
2. gift wrapper
3. insurance agent
4.global coordinator schlumberger spouses association

Four Places I've lived:
1. Boston, MA
2. Calgary, Alberta
3. Moscow
4. Jakarta, Indonesia
I could keep going on this for a bit more :)

Four favorite foods:
1. ice cream
2. chocolate
3. steak
4. lettuce

Four Movies:
1. Lord of the Rings (all three!)
2. Kate and Leopold
3. High Society
4. An Affair to Remember

TV Shows
1. Spooks
2. The State Within
3. Dr. Who

Four Place I've Traveled
1. China
2. Oman
3. Jordan
4. Mexico

Four places I'd like to Visit
1. India
2. Austraila
3. New Zealand
4. Spain

Four Websites I Go To Daily:
1. Julie Cohen
2. Jessica Raymond
3. e-harlequin
4. Dantu Kean

i won't tag anyone as it is now to close to the holidays!!! Back to organizing Chrsitmas :)


Fiona Harper said...

I tagged you too! Although my broadband went down and I couldn't tell you I had...Wish my places I've lived was as interesting as yours!

Jessica Raymond said...

What Fiona said! I didn't know you were such a globetrotter :)

Jess x

liz fenwick said...

Thanks.......yes the list i think may grow longer next year!

I didn't see my name when I looked on your list Fiona......guess I need my eyes checked:)

Nell Dixon said...

great list!