Thursday, December 14, 2006


It's been a week since I last had time to post! So much has happened. The party, finishing August Rock revisions, not doing my Christmas cards, Christmas lunches, Carol concerts just to name a few of things.

August Rock went into a padded enveloped to the esteemed Hilary Johnson today. It is my Christmas present from my DH and my parents. It could mean the end of my literary aspirations but more hopefully it will provide the guidance I need to get August Rock in publishable shape. Here's hoping anyway.

The best thing about shipping August Rock off is that it clears the decks for A Cornish House. I have been dying to start writing. I have never been patient and I have had to learn that skill. In past years I wouldn't have bothered to rework August Rock it would have been shoved in a drawer and the next project begun. So now with a clear conscience, until AR comes back, I can begin. YAY. Doing a happy dance :)

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Jessica Raymond said...

YAY, Liz, *so* proud of you!! And all tied up before Christmas so you can start on a new project for a new year. Let us know when you hear back :)

Jess x