Friday, December 22, 2006


Yesterday I woke to my Cornish garden frosted white with the sun climbing through the trees. This morning I can not see the end of my garden. Normally i rejoice at this sight too but not today. Today I must drive to Bodmin to collect eldest ds and hopefully Newquay for dh. I say hopefully as whether he will get to leave Gatwick at all is open for debate. Christmas doesn't really begin here for me until he is with us. The village is missing him as our house is not covered in white lights.

Our first Christmas here the village laughed a bit at the yank's white lights and wreaths on every window but the next year one other house had lights. Then at year six we didn't come home for Christmas and the complaints rolled in! Yesterday in the shop the complaints were also arriving. Where are your lights and wreaths???? Still in the shed is the answer. Although the American and the one who wants to recreate my New England Christmas where I am, I don't do the work. Its my long suffering English dh who does. If the fog doesn't lift then this might not be a white light Christmas......also no tree as I can't find the base for it either!!!!

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