Monday, October 02, 2006

The Light Has Been Turned On

Sorry I haven't been back for a few days. I have finished Sol Stein's Solutions for Writers and I have seen the light. I couldn't read it quickly enough. With highlighter in hand and notebook I felt empowered and inspired. I am attacking the previous revisions and I'm excited about it. I never though I could be excited about revisions but it feels great. Best of all - it reads better!!!!!

On Saturday I went to the RNA London chapter's meeting. Julie Cohen gave a great talk on US contest and how they can work for you. I am not sure yet if I can make them work for me or not but I did learn a great deal. Also caught up with Fiona Harper. I can't believe her first book is out in December, Blind Date Marriage!

On the reading front, I devoured Kate Walker's At The Sheikh Command. Great read and as always Kate keeps you on the edge until the last minute. Love it but I am still not sold on sheikh books. Bring on your Sicilians Kate :)

The book beside my bed now is The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.

Back to my exciting revisions - well they are to me :)

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