Monday, October 30, 2006

Reading Again

Still no writing taking place but I have snuck in two books so far during this half term. The first one by Nicola Cornick - Deceived. I am a sucker for a historical romance. I think it is where my heart truly lies as that is what I cut my teeth on as a young reader and this one was brilliant. The heroine was feisty and not about to let the world defeat her. The hero was delicious and I wouldn't mind him for myself. The plot twists kept me glued to the end. A great read.

Next on the list was a new author to me, Marion Lennox. I read her romance Princess of Convenience. It was a delightful escape from the housework that was beckoning. I loved her characters and was willing to jump on the bandwagon of disbelief willingly with these two.

The end of half term holidays is in sight. I will miss my boys but I look forward to making progress on writing again. I bumped into friend and writer Mary de Laszlo who was happily on her way to the post office to send back her latest work revisions done. It will be out in May she said :)

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