Thursday, October 19, 2006

Me and My Balls

Much to the mortification of my dh and 14 year old ds, last night I insisted on watching a programme on ITV 2 called Me and My Balls. The premise for the programme was a light hearted romp on a serious subject of testicular cancer. This was the reason I insisted we watch it. I will maintain it had nothing to do with gorgeous men talking about their bits and some time displaying them in various attires. (See photo of ever cute Craig Doyle and his gorgeous dimples) I maintain my innocence.

However much the dh and ds squirmed through the programme, I feel the point of programme did reach its target. Men check your nuts regularly :)

The whole subject of men and what goes on in their minds is still a mystery to me. Not surprising really as an only child who went through an all girls high school followed by an all women's university. However since then I have been married fifteen years and given birth to two of the creatures. Nothing should surprise me about them but daily I come across the different ways their minds work and think. I must say the programme above enlightened me a bit on men's relationship with their bits but I still feel I am in the dark and therefore must research more!!!!

Revisions have ground to a halt as I am in the middle of three weeks of half term holidays. I have been keeping notes of the changes I need to make and they are big picture things and not words here and there. Hopefully this is the right way forward.


freewill said... scared me for a moment...great pic:)

Dave Hill said...

Hello Liz. I enjoyed your post and wish I had seen the programme. You may enjoy this piece I wrote a while ago.

Best Wishes.

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Dave. I did enjoy your article although it took me a while to find it as part of your link was missing!

I hope that talking openly about these things will make men a bit easier about seeking help.

All the best,