Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gorgeous Men and Dogs

I have visited a new world thanks to a friend and her new puppy therefore I want a dog so I can stay in that world. Not that my life isn't full enough with dh, three kids and one fat white cat but as I discovered a dog would add a dimension to my life that has been lost for a long time......Gorgeous young men.

While having coffee with a friend and her puppy, Tilly, the most amazing drop dead gorgeous man with exquisite child on hip and black lab in pursuit stopped to chat to Tilly and my friend. I'm afraid my mouth hung open. He was young and fit and perfect. Even though a writer I was at a loss for words in the presence of man could only exist on the pages of glossy magazine. My friend of course was cool as a cucumber and took it all in her stride. I was speechless until he left. That doesn't happen often. So I want a dog.

On the writing front I am working away on August Rock. It is slow but I am loving the revisions. Long may it last.

I have started The Thirteenth Tale and it is so beatutifully written even in the first ten pages I am green!

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