Thursday, September 28, 2006

Empty Feeling

Over lunch I treated myself to reading Lesley Cookman's Muder In Steeple Martin. I thought it would give my burning brain a break from Sol Stein and all the notes I had been making. After my sandwich I stretched out and thought I would take just a half hour. Well two hours later I have finished the book which was wonderful but I have that awful empty feeling when you have finished a book and left the characters behind. I enjoyed their company so much. I love watching crime on tv but don't often read it. this book combined my joy of Midsommer Murders with a bit of romance. It would have been gripping with out the romance but the romance make the book for me. Great book. Looking at her website it looks like there's another one oout in May 2007 :)

However I needed to settle back to Sol and my note book and I just have that restless feeling....

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