Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Summer Reads

As I wasn't doing any writing this summer, I read pretty widely but not enough as my to be read pile is still huge as growing daily!

First book off the self was by Nicola Cornick The Larkswood Legacy. I love regency so I devoured this with great enjoyment. It was a real escape form the hell of moving house. In fact it was so good I now have too more of her books sitting in my too be read pile - Lord Grenville's Captive and her latest Deceived.

Sitting beside pool at the Le Mas Candille, I read Katie Fforde's Life Skills. I love the characters and chuckled away between dips in the pool and eating the most amazing meals at the Michelin starred restaurant. This treat away with out kids was in honour of our 15th wedding anniversary. So, I had the Dh to myself, good food and wine, sun, and great reading! Looking forward to diving into Katie's next book Paradise Fields.

The next book was Kate Mosse's Labyrinth. I began this was while waiting for our delayed flight back to the UK. It had me gripped until our plane eventually touched down at Gatwick in the small hours of the morning. However when I picked it up a few nights later my pace at reading slowed as I got to the middle. I loved the history but at times struggled with the characters motivation. However the end was a gripping get away from me until I finsh this book read!

Liz Fielding's Five Year Baby Secret was a stolen delight when I was plodding through the middle of Labyrinth. There was no putting this one down. It was a pure escape. I have her latest The Sheikh's Guarded Heart sitting in the tbr pile although I am not a fan of sheikh books.

Having said that I have another one by Kate Walker sitting in my tbr pile, At the Sheikh's Command. Both Kate's and Liz's bookes have landed in the tbr pile purely because they write un-put-downable books. I read Kate's Antonakos Marriage and couldn't stop the book once I started. I waved the kids aside and ignored the glorious sunshine outside. Fantastic book - I can see why it won an award!

Then I moved onto my nephew's favorite book, William Boyd's Any Human Heart. I can't agree with the nephew that it is the best book I have ever read but I did enjoy it although it left me a bit low at the end. Would I read Boyd's latest yes. I found the way he followed one life fascinating and also enjoyed the insight into the male mind even if it was fictional. His latest is about a woman and I think I will find how he looks into the female mind interesting.

I mentioned Julie Cohen's Being a Bad Girl a few days ago and I still smile when I think about the book. I have two of her books in the tbr pile - Delicious and Married in a Rush. She also has out Spirit Willing Flesh Weak and this is on my to be bought list.

Finally, I picked up Lesley Cookman's Murder in Steeple Martin last night and cursed Lesley as it was very hard to turn out the light and leave the book until tonight. I let you know if it continues in this way :)

I am geering myself up for the big revision on August Rock. The Dd has been home sick from school the past few days so work on writing has been limited but hopefully all will return to normal tomorrow.


Nell Dixon said...

Hey Liz! I found you. ggg

Kate Walker said...

I found you too - and thank you for your lovely comments on The Antonakos Marriage. I hope you enjoy At The Sheikh's Command as much.

Good luck with your own writing - now get some done!!


liz fenwick said...

Glad you found me Nell :)

You too Kate. I know I will like At The Sheikh's Command even though I don't like sheikh's ingeneral because I have loved all of your heroes. Hope you don't mind sharing 'em :)

Marilyn Shoemaker - Seattle Snoops said...

Liz you are just going to love Kate's sheikh book. It's an incredible story written by an incredible author.

liz fenwick said...

Hi Marilyn. I'll move to next on the list. I haven't finished Murder in Steeple Martin yet as i am trying to be disciplined with my revisions :) I visited your blog but didn't read your review as i will wait until I have finshed the book.

Thanks for dropping by.