Monday, September 18, 2006

The Setting

This weekend we ventured down to Cornwall again. I could say that it was purely for research purposes but that took a back seat to the glorious day out on the water. Saturday began with a bright blue sky that remained untarnished with clouds all day long. The Dh positively hopped as he prepared to take his mistress, our boat, out for her last spin of the season

The Helford River sparkled as sailors of every size headed out river as we bombed past. Once out into Falmouth Bay I waved to the bouy marker at August Rock which reminded me of the revions waiting on that manuscript. However as I looked as the coastline whizzing by I felt the huge desire to write more about my adopted home. Each time I look at the landscape it inspires me and I find my head buzzing with stories and new twists on the work in progress

We spent a few hours wandering through Falmouth which was baking in the September sunshine. Again as I peered down alley ways I felt the history and began to wonder if i should write purely historic fiction but the thought of all the research overwhelms me

After coming back to Helford at full tilt, we gently cruised to Frenchman's creek so I could 'feel' the atmosphere again. Unfortunately the tide was already too far out for us to venture beyond its beginning but as always the beauty lingers long after you have left

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