Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wadi Ray - This Bog's for You

It was a glorious day out yesterday. Although hot the humidity was not evident and a wild breeze blew. Our guests were enchanted by the beauty of the landscape while I cringed. We arrived at Ray Pools to find them empty but the previous occupants had left there water bottles by the score, the bread still in the plastic wrappings, their crisps in the pools and the lemons????

Finally we stopped to have tea on a raised plato where some one had thoughtfully provided facilities....Hello people, you bring it in you take it out. Please please don't destroy this beauty spot like Hatta pools has been.

Respect the envirnoment and if you can't do that can you please just clear your own rubbish. Thank you.

Rant over.
Currently on my way back to Uk to return DD to school. Having been working hard on Penderown and will tell you more later. Have a great Sunday.

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Liz Harris said...

The scenery looks stunning, Liz. I absolutely agree with you about people leaving litter behind them.

Taking home one's own rubbish is hardly a big deal. But destroying beauty, is.

Nell Dixon said...

safe travelling Liz, and I hate people who leave litter be it in a beauty spot or in an urban environment.

liz fenwick said...

Liz and nell - it's so frustrating to see because a few years ago it really wasn't too bad. As for the loo - whoever left that had to want to because it was up a steep narrow path only accessible with a 4x4!


DJ Kirkby said...

Great photos. litter makes me mental(er) too. How odd about the lemons, why would someone leave lemons?

Susie Vereker said...

Lovely pics apart from the litter, lemons and loo!

Flowerpot said...

Wow - how beautiful. And I do agree about litter - infuriating.