Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Travel Update

Up until a half hour before check in opened ds2 was still flying to Heathrow, but then it was cancelled. It is very funny to watch a tall kid dance around in the front seat of the car like a three year old. I will admit to being relieved in a way - I just didn't fancy him being diverted to Moscow or anywhere else while travelling alone.

Air travel is a key part of my family's life and it is not nice when it all breaks down like this. In today's world we take so many things for granted and we don't quite know how to react when a volcano reminds us that in truth we have very little control over much.

So thankfully we are all well. DS1 is safely back in the Uk with no excuse not to keep revising for his AS exams and I on the other hand will become atta-the-mum with the two here to get them to do some work. Of course I also need to do my own.

Hope everyone else is safe where ever they are and not too troubled by the travel difficulties.


Debs said...

Glad he's happily ensconced with you. My son is now on his way to Weymouth and will then take a few trains to get to uni, but the weather is beautiful and he couldn't have asked for calmer sea for his trip.

Chris Stovell said...

You've got a lot on your plate, Liz. Hope it all blows over soon.

Flowerpot said...

Glad you are safe Liz and have your 2 safe with you. Very worrying time.

DJ Kirkby said...

Ok confused now...DS1 is in the UK but DS2 still with you? How did DS1 get to the UK? Hope you're coping ok with home schooling.

Phillipa said...

I hoep things get back to normal soon but glad you are all together. :)